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Brazilian Wax $85
This wax goes from the front all the way to the back and between the cheeks! It's perfect for a totally clean look with your choice of hair or bare on top.

Bikini Wax $45
Modest but still modern? This wax includes just inside of where a regular bikini sits to keep you groomed. The perfect wax for a natural and clean look.

Bikini Wax Extended $60
Extend the bikini wax to include a bit of the inner thigh and back of the leg.

Arm Wax (partial) $45
Smooth and clean from either the shoulder to elbow or elbow to wrist.

Arm Wax (full) $60
You will love feeling free from shoulder to finger tip

Under Arm $35
Put down the razor and show your smoothness. Ask about our under arm cooling mask!

Stomach Wax $35
We like to start just below the pecs and smooth your stomach from side to side, while extending to just below the waist line.

Chest Wax $45
We like to start just below the collar bone and smooth from side to side to the top of the pecs.

Full Leg Wax $100
From hips to ankle bone, enjoy being smooth for weeks at a time with a full leg wax. After this service, you may never pick up a razor again.

Partial Leg Wax $80
Get silky smooth from just above the knee down to ankle bone or start at the hips and go to the knee!

Full Back Wax $90
From shoulder to shoulder, starting below the neck and all the way to just above the booty.

Upper/Lower Back Wax $45
We've got your back! Upper or lower back, left or right – wax only what you want.



Full Face Wax $50
This service includes eyebrows, nose, lips, chin and cheeks–so your entire face is smooth and radiant.

Lip Wax $15
A hairless upper lip makes for easier make-up application, and less daily maintenance. With regular waxes over time, the regrown hair may be less and less noticeable.

Chin Wax $15
It only takes a few minutes to make you stubble free.

Nose Wax $15
A quick nostril wax make you feel tickle free and most guests say they barely feel a thing.

Brow Wax $18
We work with you to decide which brow shape works best for your face and style.


Hand Spray Tan  $25

  Pre Spray care

  • Lightly exfoliate 24 hrs before to extend the life of your tan

  • Don't shave, wax, or pluck 24 hrs before. May cause lines or beading of tanning solution

  • No lotions, creams, oils, makeup, or deodorant worn 24hr prior to service

  • Wear an old bathing suit, underwear, or bra

  After Spray care

  • Wear loose dark clothing after tan

  • Wait 24-48 hrs before showering, sweating or shaving

  • Do not exfoliate the week of your spray tan

  • Use warm water rinse without soap for your first shower post tan

  • After shower, pat yourself dry

  • It's normal to notice the bronzer in your first shower

  • The bronzer may transfer to your clothing and bed sheets

  • Make sure to keep your skin very moisturized after spray tan

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