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The Bridal Suite

Welcome to Salon 219 Bridal Suite!  Enjoy every moment in the preparation of your wedding day in a private suite location on the second floor of Salon 219. You will have access to a full kitchen and island that seats 10-14 people. The kitchen opens up into the bridal dressing room, where the hair and makeup stations are set up to accommodate 2 stylist and 2 makeup astist.

Salon 219 Bridal Suite $300

  • Rent from 8am-2pm

  • Includes:

    • Lounge

    • Bridal suite room

    • Kitchen

    • Private patio

    • Set up/ clean up

    • Disposable dishware/napkins/etc.

    • Water, coffee, hot tea

  • Choice to use outside stylists

  • Choice to utilize our Salon 219 stylists


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