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Extension Maintenance

Recommendations to avoid or minimize damage to your hair:

- Avoid hair contact with sunscreens, suntan lotions, bronzers. Color may rub onto hair and cause discoloration

- Fully soak hair in tap water prior to water activities. This hair cannot absorb as much chlorine or salt when its already wet. Rinse in tap water when finished with activities. It is always good to apply a primer to wet hair to protect hair and color from chlorinated pools and ocean water. Ask your stylist what product they recommend.

- Always brush hair in mornings, before bed, and anytime needed throughout the day. It is best to go to bed with your hair in loose braids to avoid tangling.

- Its best to wash your hair in the morning or middle of day. Avoid washing it before bed as going to bed with wet hair can cause damage and tangles.

- Using a satin pillow case will decrease chances of damage.

- We recommend washing your hair a couple times a week. When washing, using shampoo and conditioner specifically for extension care is recommended. Ask your stylist what shampoo and conditioner is best for you and your hair.

- Using micro-fiber towels to dry your hair will give you the best results. Regardless of what towel you use, do not rub to dry. Squeezing your ends is best.

- Always avoid products containing moroccan oil, alcohol, sulfates and parabens. Avoid drugstore and hotel products. Dry shampoo should be avoided as well.

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