We are ready!

I know this is not how things used to be but this is how we will handle business for right now.

We are doing everything that we can to make your services as enjoyable as they once were. Our stylists are working shorter hours for their safety. Wearing a mask can be hard for long periods of time. While we have only been open for 3 weeks we do understand that you all have been waiting a long time to get in. I promise we are doing all we can to get everyone in.

Our check in procedures have changed a little. We are aware that masking up is not something that everyone is keen about but at this time we are asking that you do wear a mask during your appointment. If you have any underlying conditions please reach out to us so we can make the proper accommodations.

On the day of your appointment we ask that you check your email for your covid screening form. There are just a few questions! 15 minutes before your appointment you will get a text asking you to check-in. After you check-in please wait in your car until we text you to let you know that you may head inside.

One of our requirements is that we can only have one point of entry for all patrons.

Once you arrive and we have properly sanitzed and text you to head in, we ask that you wash your hands.

We look forward to seeing all our clients. Happy and Healthy!!!!

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